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What IMPACT do you want to make on the Gothenburg community? An impact is always the result of an action, and your partnership in this project is an act that will have far-reaching and positive effects for generations to come.


Give Online

​Download and print this form to:

  • make your first payment by check.

  • specify a payment plan​.

  • request automatic withdrawals from your account.
  • request regular invoices.

  • indicate interest in naming rights.

Choose any quantity of an amount below to make your desired one-time credit card donation.

Grain Donations

Farmers who donate grain to GECLC for the Impact Center receive tax benefits to a greater extent than if they donate cash. Visit with your tax preparer or financial advisor to learn how grain donations might result in greater tax savings.

To donate at Country Partners or Frito Lay, simply tell the operator to credit the load of grain to GECLC when it's delivered.

Gifts may be deductible to the full extent of federal and state tax laws. The Gothenburg Early Childhood Learning Coalition is a 501c3 non-profit organization qualified by the IRS to receive contributions, gifts and bequests which are deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Children Playing Outdoor

In Person

1001 Lake Avenue,

Gothenburg NE. 69138


Make a tax deductible donation‏

Grain Donations

Designate a truckload of grain for the
GECLC account at Country Partners or Frito-Lay

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