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Gothenburg is a place we call home, and when the families of our community are strong, the entire community is stronger. It is time once again to think beyond today and to create opportunities that will address immediate challenges while creating a strong foundation that will serve future generations and create a strong community for years to come. 


Impact Center Timeline


Challenges and Solution

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Currently, there are no open spots for infants with Gothenburg’s licensed child care providers, and the waiting list is nearly a year long. That means, by the time the parents find out they are expecting, it is already too late to find a spot for that baby.

Overall, there are simply not enough licensed child care spots for all of the young children in Gothenburg, and parents are unable to join the workforce or continue working because of this.

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Providing quality child care during the workday is a start, but parents need resources and support. Providing for basic needs and supporting positive parenting practices invests in local families, showing immediate benefits while laying the foundation for long-term rewards in creating a cycle of positive parenting that will last in the community for generations.


A 2020 study shows the State of Nebraska loses nearly $745 million a year as a result of lack of stable, reliable child care. Local employers can attest to the struggles they face in hiring or retaining employees because of the lack of child care, which in the end affects productivity, profits, and

local tax revenue.

You can make an IMPACT today!

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