Our Mission


The Impact Center will invest time, effort, and resources into things that make a lasting difference for Gothenburg’s children and families.


The Impact Center will be an integrated facility that addresses community-wide challenges impacting children and their families by investing time, effort, and resources into things that truly matter.


This center will help children achieve their potential, families realize their dreams, and local employers prosper. 

The Impact Center will include an Early Learning Center,
Healthy Families Center, Sport Training Center, and Event Center. 



Allow 250+ children access to quality early childhood education and full-time care - an investment that science says is the best way to build a strong foundation for all future learning and growth.

Healthy Families Center

Will invest in positive childhood experiences outside of child care by providing for the physical, emotional, and social well-being of families in town.

Sports Training Center

An indoor turf training space will allow community sports teams and organizations the opportunity to invest in their well-being and develop their skills.

Event Center

A 400-person space will give the community a much-needed place to hold special events and meetings, investing in the relationships that make Gothenburg the strong community it is.