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Whether you are planning a formal sit-down meal, a buffet, or a reception, the Dayspring Bank Event Center offers the perfect setting for your next event. Our list of approved caterers and bar vendors can help you plan a menu and deliver a meal that is a perfect compliment to your event.


Guests of the Dayspring Bank Event Center are required to select a caterer from the Preferred Caterer List. All of the caterers on the current list have been interviewed and checked to ensure they are adequately licensed, provide a wide variety of menu items, and have a commitment to providing the best service possible.

Any event that utilizes an approved caterer will have access to the catering kitchen. This access includes access to the ice machine and commercial dishwasher, allowing your event to use on-site table service at no additional charge. The catering kitchen is equipped with two refrigerators/freezers, oven, microwave, table service, coffee pot, serving equipment, etc.

Catering exceptions may be made for smaller events such as birthdays, graduations, reunions, etc. upon approval by Center staff. Events not utilizing an approved caterer may rent the catering kitchen on a first-come, first-available basis. Preference for use of that space will be given to events using a caterer. Individuals not utilizing a caterer will not have access to the dishwasher and will be required to use disposable plates, cups, flatware, etc.

To see the current list of Preferred Caterers, click here: Preferred Caterer List (coming soon)


Any event serving alcohol is required to obtain bar service through one of the Event Center's exclusive bar vendors. Click here to see the current list of bar vendors: Preferred Bar Vendor List (coming soon)

  • Cash or host beverage service is not available through the event center directly and NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL is allowed on the premises.

  • The renter is responsible for contacting a preferred bar vendor no later than 45 days prior to the event date.

The preferred bar vendors are responsible for the administration of the sale and service of any alcoholic beverages in accordance with the State of Nebraska Liquor Control Commission. All alcoholic beverages must be supplied by an approved bar vendor and no outside liquor may be brought into the Event Center. Violation of this policy will result in the assessment of a $500 fine to the renter. The following are, but not limited to, the policies for the use of bar service:

  • The maximum length of bar services is eight hours and no later than midnight.

  • Food must accompany any alcohol.

  • The State of Nebraska prohibits the sale to and consumption of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21. No exceptions.

  • Valid state issued identification card, driver’s license, passport, or military identification card in accordance to State of Nebraska law must be available as proof of birth date, upon request. All guests must be able to show proof of birth date prior to being served.

  • Bartender reserves the right to refuse service to ANY guest at ANY time.

  • Alcohol may NOT be removed from or brought onto the premises. Violation of this policy will result in the assessment of a $500 fine to the renter.

  • Any alcohol located in vehicles transporting guests inside the facility must remain in vehicle upon arrival. Alcohol MAY NOT be brought into the convention center. (Example: Bus transporting wedding party to reception.)

  • The Dayspring Bank Event Center & approved bar vendors reserve the right to suspend liquor service at any time for any reason without warning.

  • Approved Bar Vendors MUST receive all bar contracts 45 days prior to the event or beverage service may be denied.

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